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Choosing a therapist is a significant step on the path to mental and emotional well-being. A good therapist can provide guidance, support, and tools to help you navigate life’s challenges. However, finding the right therapist for your unique needs is essential. In this blog post, we’ll explore the process of selecting a good therapist, offering […]

Finding Your Way to Healing: How to Select a Good Therapist

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In a world that often feels frenetic and overwhelming, many individuals are seeking holistic approaches to enhance their mental well-being. One such approach gaining popularity is the use of sound bowls, also known as Tibetan singing bowls. These ancient instruments produce soothing sounds that can have a profound impact on mental health. In this blog […]

The Soothing Symphony of Sound Bowls: How They Enhance Mental Health

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In our fast-paced and often stressful modern world, more and more people are seeking holistic therapies as a means to restore balance, achieve optimal well-being, and enhance their quality of life. Holistic therapy is an approach that addresses the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, acknowledging that these elements are deeply intertwined and must be […]

The Power of Holistic Therapy: A Comprehensive Guide to Healing

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- Father of a school aged child

My son looks forward to seeing Shannon and our family has been able to spend time together without everything turning into a circus. 

- Individual Therapy Client

Shannon has such an easy way of relating. I tell her about something and she helps me put it into perspective and makes it feel manageable. I feel in control of my life.

- Individual therapy client

I appreciate the way Shannon both dumbs down what she is talking about so I understand it without talking down to me.

- Mother of a teen client

Shannon really gets my son. She has an easy going and fun-loving demeanor.


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