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This is Me...

I served as a firefighter in the USMC.  I spent the first part of my career serving returning combat veterans with PTSD.

I served

This is the most beautiful place I have ever been.  I absolutely love Ireland.

Cliffs of Moher

All boys, all the time.  I have four teenagers and they keep life active and--loud.

All Boys

I speak and educate across the US. This ranges from education to motivation!


Obsessed - it is a total and complete problem...but don't send help.


My academic journey has been quite the ride too. I hold a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and several Master's degrees: Psychology (for those one-on-one deep dives), Marriage and Family Therapy (for all those juicy relationship dynamics), Intercultural Studies (because culture matters), and Theology (for that transcendent perspective).

My superpower is helping folks like you become the absolute best version of themselves. I'm all about abundant freedom, joy, and peace. 

My approach is a mix of all these perspectives blended together in a holistic way. I see you as a unique individual, and my goal is to help you discover your authentic self and thrive in your relationships.

To me, this isn't just a job; it's a calling. It's about finding meaning, purpose, and genuine connection in this wild journey we call life. So, if you're ready to embark on this adventure, I'm here with a big ol' dose of spunk, sturdy compassion and a whole lot of heart to guide you. Let's make your life the masterpiece it deserves to be! 

Dr. Vanessa Hughes

that every person has a unique and authentic self waiting to be discovered and nurtured.

that life is more than just a job or a routine; it's a calling to find purpose, meaning, and genuine connections with others.

Recognizing and addressing various aspects of life, including psychological, relational, cultural, and spiritual dimensions, to achieve a sense of well-being.

I believe:




Our blog is a great way to learn tips about how to live to the fullest.

The blog

- Father of a school aged child

My son looks forward to seeing Shannon and our family has been able to spend time together without everything turning into a circus. 

- Individual Therapy Client

Shannon has such an easy way of relating. I tell her about something and she helps me put it into perspective and makes it feel manageable. I feel in control of my life.

- Individual therapy client

I appreciate the way Shannon both dumbs down what she is talking about so I understand it without talking down to me.

- Mother of a teen client

Shannon really gets my son. She has an easy going and fun-loving demeanor.


What They're Saying: